New NY State bill proposes ban on cellphone use while crossing street

BINGHAMPTON, N.Y. (WBNG/CNN) - In order to stop dangerous distractions, many states ban the use of cellphones while driving.

If the bill is passed, offenders could be fined between $25 and $50 for using cellphones while crossing the street. (Source: WBNG/CNN VAN)

But lawmakers in New York State are taking it a step further and considering restricting cellphone use while crossing the street.

If the bill is passed, culprits could be fined between $25 and $50 for using cellphones while crossing the street.

"It's the generation we live in. It's an extension of our arm at this point," said one woman.

“Pay attention, focus on what you’re doing,” said one man, when asked about the bill.

Another opposed the bill.

"You could get emergency calls,” he said. “Anything could happen at that point in time."

But everyone doesn’t see the bill as a way to make roads safer.

"If someone is driving recklessly, or what not, if you look at your phone, you're not going to be able to stop that," Frank Reilly said.

"It's gonna save their lives. This is insane. There's a time for a call. Give it a time and put it in your pocket," said Vic Fontaine.

Wesley Warren said the bill is unnecessary.

“I think it’s anti-pedestrian and it shows that Binghamton is a friendly area and with slow traffic here,” Warren said. “We are not New York City and I just don’t feel like we should be imposing laws like that.”

Some even went on to say not having access to your phone could pose a safety issue.

"You might get hit. While on your phone, you would need to call an emergency real fast. So how could you not use your phone, if you use your phone? How could you use your phone?" asked one man.

For now, it’s completely legal to use your phone while walking or crossing the street.

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