New Virginia law changes punishment for dogs that attack poultry

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(WDBJ7) A new law is creating a more lenient punishment for dogs who attack livestock.

The previous Virginia law forced dogs to be euthanized or moved to a non-adjacent state if the dog attacked chickens.

The new law will allow the dog to stay with its owner under strict housing rules, or live with a new owner. The dog will also have to be micro-chipped.

Pet organizations say this is a great decision because the previous penalties were too harsh.

Debra Griggs, the President of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies said, "It is complicated to transfer a dog to a non-adjacent state and we do not believe a death sentence is appropriate for a dog that has killed a chicken. There is absolutely no evidence that a dog that has killed a chicken will be a threat to people or other animals."

The new law goes into effect this Friday, July 1.

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