New after school program debuts in hometowns throughout our region

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CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) A new after school program in our region is helping some elementary age kids focus on their futures.

Discovery Zone debuted this school year and is available within the Community Housing Partners neighborhoods.

The program helps kids in first through sixth grades with literacy, character building, and life skills.

"They spend a day in school and then they come here and we hope to give them a bunch of different opportunities and so from the enrichment to the academics down to what are you going to do with your future and so we want them to keep that excitement after the school day and then to kind of continue it into their home and share it with their parents," said Tiffany Slusher, the resident services manager for CHP.

Students in Christiansburg, Pulaski, Covington, and Martinsville can join in the program at Community Housing Partners properties.

Volunteers and donations of supplies are needed and welcomed. To learn more about Community Housing Partners, go to