New board game store opens in downtown Roanoke

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - If you want to take a break from your phone or computer screen---a new business in downtown Roanoke might be your ideal escape. A board game shop is opening this Sunday, January 13th, on the corner of Salem Avenue and 5th Street. It's called Big Lick Adventures Dreams and Entertainment--or BLADE Gaming.

Josh Swartz and Tim Furrow, owners of BLADE Gaming, have been working since August to open up their new BLADE Gaming store--renovating the space by hand and taking games from their own closets.

"The games that you can see behind me is a portion of my board game collection that I have amassed over the years mixed in with Tim's games," Swartz said.

But these games aren't your average ones.

Swartz added, "We do have Magic the Gathering and we run events for that but we have what a lot of people call 'Designer' Board Games. My favorite game is a game called "Blood Rage" that is about Viking Clans fighting their way through 'Ragnarock: the Destruction of the Earth,' that's just one example."

Swartz showed me how to play Lords of Hellas--a game about ancient Greece.

You can also bring in your own board game and dinner. They sell snacks and are hoping to sell beer soon.

"I think it's just going to be a really diverse mix of ages and everybody is going to have fun playing board games together," Swartz said.

While the official opening is Sunday, the business is already open.

Furrow said, "We've had tournaments every night for Magic the Gathering. We've had open play for board games, people have been coming out, we're getting twenty to thirty people a night."

You can pay $5 to play unlimited games per session or $20 a month, but if you come opening day, you can play for $15 a month.

The store will be open from noon to midnight every day except for Tuesday.