New bus line will connect Halifax and Pittsylvania Counties to Danville

DANVILLE, Va (WDBJ)- Dr. Betty Adams, executive director at the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center, says lack of transportation is an issue that is often overlooked in rural areas.

"So many people do not have cars, they are auto-less families." said Adams.

She says the success of their workforce and education programs
can be diminished if people do not have a way to get around.

In 2016, the center looked into starting a bus route that would connect South Boston to Danville.

last night Danville City Council approved grant funding that will allow buses to run routes from Pittsylvania and Halifax Counties to Danville for at least the next three years, at no cost to the city or counties.

The routes will stop at major job sites along highways 58 and 29, as well as education and medical centers.

Each one-way trip will cost $2.

Danville is asking for more bus drivers to accommodate their shortage. Once enough drivers are hired the program will start.