New campaign in southeast Roanoke started to clean up homes

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) In Southeast Roanoke, a new campaign is underway to get neighbors to clean up their homes.

The Southeast Action Forum is starting a program to recognize people who are going the extra mile to keep up their homes. It's part of an effort to get others to clean up, too.

Walk up to the Lucas home, and you'll quickly realize their time off is spent working on their home.

Sherry Lucas said, “A lot of weekend projects.”

From the kitchen to their backyard. But it's what they've done out front that caught the eye of Nicole Harris.

Nicole Harris, Southeast Action Forum President, said, “I think that it's really just celebrating the people that are taking that extra effort.”

Harris started the 'We Noticed' campaign that kicked off in September
As part of the program, they're recognizing people like the Lucas', who spend time upping their curb appeal.

“All the work that we've done here we never really had anybody say anything about it,” said Sherry Lucas.

Jimmy Lucas said, “It's kind of cool. You done a lot of work on your house and somebody's finally noticing you -- it's kind of nice.”

This sign sits out in front of their home -- as a message to others. Harris says when one house does this, people start to see ripple effects.

“You get people out there that might mow their grass a little more frequently or rake their leaves or they might even plant new flowers,” said Harris.

In the Lucas' neighborhood, they've already seen changes since their sign went up.

Jimmy Lucas said, “The neighbor behind us - he started digging out the stuff he hadn't done in years and started working on his yard, so that was kind of nice.”

It's a simple program taking notice, so others do, too. All in an effort to make their neighborhood a little more welcoming.

“It's just extremely exciting,” said Harris. “I mean, I love where I live, so I want other people to love where they live.”

Harris says she'd love to see this campaign go city-wide, and earlier this month, she was honored as Roanoke's Citizen of the Year partially because of the work she's done with this program, among others.