New charges filed for former Peacemaker Shawn Hunter

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Peacemakers co-founder Shawn Hunter faces two new charges related to a nude photograph Hunter sent to a local woman.

Prosecutors say the new Obscene Photography charges -- Class I and Class III misdemeanors -- are related to the original photograph and have the same original complainant.

Hunter was scheduled for trial on misdemeanor "harassment by computer" charge Tuesday, but his attorney says they continued the case because after learning about the new charges late Monday.

"It really is aggravating," defense attorney Deborah Caldwell-Bono said. "We were coming here today ready and prepared to clear his good name. He's doing so much good in the community, and I don't know why they're trying to tear this man down."

Hunter says he believes he's been targeted because he's running for city council.

Hunter's next court appearance is scheduled for January 11th.

One of the new charges carries the possibility of jail time.