New commercial, industrial park officially opens for new businesses in Dublin

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DUBLIN, Va. (WDBJ7) A new shopping and dining district is closer to becoming a reality in Pulaski County.

The property has another purpose too: growing the area's economy by bringing in new industry.

Jim Hager, the developer, says the 112 acre plot of land will become a big shopping, dining, and working park for the New River Valley. So far the plan is working.

"In the front we want to see a big box store, a grocery store, restaurants, retail," said Jim Hager, the president of Diversified Developers, LLC.

ShaeDawn Industrial Park is Dublin's newest addition to help build the economy.

Plans call for major recruitment of industries to fill 80 plus acres. The rest will become a more consumer based development.

"The road is just now getting open so we're to the point where we're ready to start," Hager said.

The new park is privately owned and adds more options for companies looking to expand in Pulaski County. It also benefits the county even when businesses aren't here.

"Taxes are being paid on a privately owned property that's zoned industrial or commercial whereas if it's county owned the property is sitting vacant and not generating a revenue," said Jonathan Sweet, the Pulaski County administrator.

One international company is already planning to build here and bring 40 jobs to the area. The developer is now actively recruiting retail businesses.

"Once folks get here and realize how well the economy is in Dublin and the need for these things I think it's going to flourish," Hager said.