New details emerge in Giles County court on January shooting

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PEARISBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) Charges for six of seven people accused in the alleged home invasion that resulted in one man dead, another critically injured are certified to a grand jury.

General District Judge Gino Williams certified all charges after listening to testimony from one person charged and two investigators.

The four hour hearing ended with Blade Powers, Megan Shaver, Anthony Gautier, Tyler Foster, David Cecil, and Darren Cecil's all learning their charges were headed to a grand jury.

A seventh person appeared in court in January. Lindsey Robertson, who is charged with conspiracy to commit a robbery and conspiracy to commit a burglary will head to a circuit court in April.

New information was released in court about the night and early morning hours of January 3rd. Lt. Eric Thwaites, an investigator with the Giles County Sheriff's Office testified that he interviewed Darren Cecil, Robertson, and Shaver when they first got the call.

He said Darren Cecil began to cry, explaining they went to rob a guy.

That guy was Anthony Gautier, who had previously been convicted of a felony charge. He's now charged as a felon in possession of a firearm.

That night, he told investigators he picked up a gun one of the people who stormed his house had dropped, and started firing. He said he was scared for his life. His attorney explained Gautier was defending himself.

Gautier told investigators the invaders, who he explained were in masks, told him to get down or die.

That group, Megan Shaver testified, was made up of the remaining people charged. She said she was with her boyfriend Darren Cecil when his dad, David Cecil, called him. She later found out David Cecil planned the alleged robbery and invasion with the help of Powers, Foster, and a reluctant Darren Cecil, she testified.

She told the court she was scared and was threatened when she attempted to leave the house and call police. Shaver said Powers said he would kill her if she snitched.

Shaver told the court she was on crack that day but it didn't impact her memory.

She said she drove the group to Gautier's home and left. Later her boyfriend Darren Cecil called and explained the incident went wrong. She explained she joined her friend Robertson in a car to go pick up the people injured and who took part in the invasion and robbery.

They drove Bailey and David Cecil to a nearby bank parking lot where first responders met them including law enforcement.

Another investigator, Mason Boggs, explained he noticed a footprint on a trim of a door in the house. He investigated the scene when law enforcement was told where the event happened. That footprint, he says, matched the footprint of Bailey. Bailey was also involved in the alleged home invasion.

The commonwealth's attorney explained Gautier had every chance to make his situation right. He said Gautier never called police to explain what happened.

To this day no one has been charged with the murder of Bailey.

When the grand jury meets those members will set a court date in Circuit Court at a later date.