New eateries join 5th Annual Downtown Roanoke Restaurant Week

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Downtown Roanoke's Restaurant week keeps getting bigger. This year, 25 restaurants are participating.

Cancun Mexican Restaurant opened last Spring and this is their first year participating in Downtown Roanoke's Restaurant Week.

"When they asked me I said yes, it's a big opportunity for us to get more customers," Oscar Tochamani of Cancun Mexican Restaurant & Grill said.

Even restaurants that have been open for years like Leonore are joining the line-up.

"We had loyal customers asking me why I didn't do it before and I remember this time, no I have to do it and I did," Miguel Liendo of Leonore said.

The two-week event features discounted lunch and dinner specials.

"We intentionally have it in January, because it's a little bit of a slower time because of the weather. Business owners are hopeful the promotion brings in more guests during the slower time," Jaime Clark of Downtown Roanoke said.

"It'll be busy, but I hope people just won't come for the prices or special, they come because they like our food, the service or the place. I am feeling happy when we get that," Tochamani said.

Liendo is also looking forward to the support.

"I feel like it is a community, we are downtown, we need to support local business and that is what restaurant downtown is doing," Liendo said.

Restaurant Week ends Jan. 29.