New home for New Vision

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The group, which helps the visually impaired, has joined forces with Goodwill.

New Vision's David Ward says they've given out and set up hundreds of virtual assistants over the past two years for their visually impaired clients, the most popular being these Amazon Echos.

"It's very exciting. And it's so empower. And the barrier to entry with Amazon Echo is so low. It's so powerful out of the box. My students just love it," said David Ward, Assistive Technology Instructor.

New Vision's board recently decided to join forces with Goodwill, and finished the move this week.

"Communication was our primary concern with making sure that people could find the services still, and could have access, and of course having David come over from the fish and provides a lot of that can you any continuity with the people he has been serving," said Mary Ann Gilmer.

Ward says they'll continue the same services here, teaching visually impaired students how to better use and navigate technology. And now students can find Goodwill services under the same roof.

"It has a lot of training for the employment, resume, soft skills, a lot of things that new vision had not really participated in or had the infrastructure for so that is going to be really powerful tool," Ward said.