New live stream bald eagle cam in Minnesota

Photo credit: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
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ST. PAUL, Mn. (CBS) There is a live video stream that Minnesotans and people all around the world can’t seem to get enough of.

A pair of nesting bald eagles prepare for yet another season of laying eggs and raising young.

Since 2012, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Non-game Wildlife Program has offered a live webcam stream of every phase of a young eagle’s life.

“Since then they have successfully hatched three chicks every year, and at least two of them have fledged every year,” said Lori Naumann of the DNR.

With the help of Xcel Energy line crews to access the nest with a large bucket truck, and Floyd’s Security for providing the technician to get the camera on-line, the new robotic camera got hoisted into place on Tuesday and onto the large tree.

“The old camera was on a pretty sketchy limb so I think the camera is on a better spot now than it was before,” Xcel Energy lineman Sean Russell said.

With Russell operating the bucket truck, Floyd’s Rob Pinta connected the wiring and tested out the connection.

“They’re such regal birds and fun to watch. Especially the variety of foods they bring into the nest every year is so interesting and so fun to watch,” Naumann said.

It has proven to be a smashing success with viewers worldwide and a clear testament to the success of the bald eagle’s recovery. A recovery made possible in large part to the donations from people who care.