New partnership allows Averett Aviation students to prepare for the future

Published: Apr. 13, 2017 at 5:04 PM EDT
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Good news for the Averett Aviation program -- a new partnership brings new technology for students. It's called Aviation Alliance.

The Chief Flight Instructor at Averett says this partnership is the final piece to the puzzle. He says they have a quality program that students want to be a part of and a great staff and facilities and now they have top of the line aircraft to train with.

The Piper Archer fuel injected G1000 NXI will make of the job of the pilot a lot easier, thanks to the technology inside.

"The new technology will integrate directly into our iPads. If we set up something on there we can just kind of go with it and we don't have to worry about manually putting everything in," Averett Aviation student Tyler Rogerson said.

It's a lot like a GPS, only they say it's more accurate. Once you type in the information and start flying, it shows you exactly where you are, at what altitude and other useful information.

But those new to the program will still need to learn how to fly with the older planes.

"They'll have the experience with the old round dials, so it's a lot harder than say, just looking at a screen and seeing everything in front of you. So they develop that skill first," flight instructor Jacob Santangelo said.

Then they can move on to the newer planes, which will be more like the commercial planes they will fly once they graduate.

"It's just giving them more skill sets and it's preparing them more for the future of what's to come in aviation," says Santangelo.

Because of the partnership with Piper, the flight program will get several planes over the next eight years to use for instruction. The eight-year agreement also provides student scholarships, maintenance and instructor training.