New playgrounds, facilities coming to Roanoke City schools

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ROANOKE, Va (WDBJ7) When rain falls, roofs can leak. And when rain falls like it did last year, "it revealed some of our weaknesses," said Dr. Dan Lyons.

Lyons is Roanoke City Schools Deputy Superintendent. He says the wet weather revealed a number of problems, particularly with roofs at three area schools.

"You have to maintain them and every once in awhile you have to replace them," he said.

It's why tonight the school board laid out a plan to spend $6.5 million at Breckenridge, Garden City, and Fishburn Park. And that wasn't all.

The five year Capital improvement plan approved by the board includes $13.75 million for renovations at Morningside, Preston Park, and Breckinridge again, with a goal of getting students out of modular classrooms there as soon as possible.

These improvements will be funded both with bond issues, and savings from new, more energy efficients lights, heating, and air.

As to when construction will begin, Dan Lyons says no dates are set in stone, but these improvements will be staggered over the next five years.

"What you want to prevent is everything falling apart at one time," he said.