New playroom opens at Carilion Children's Hospital

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) - Children can now feel more at home with a newly designed playroom at Carilion Children's hospital that opens today.
Hannah George was just 15 years old when a car wreck killed her and her father--a former doctor at Carilion Clinic.
Since then, Hannah's mother has given back to the clinic, and a newly designed playroom has been created in Hannah's memory.
Kimberly Dunsmore, Chair of Carilion Pediatrics Center: "We all know that play is an important aspect of children's lives and especially during stressful times. It allows them to be in a situation where they feel themselves again and it allows for excellent healing."
The playroom, called Hannah's Place, comes with some unique features appropriate for sick kids.
Kimberly Dunsmore, Chair of Carilion Pediatrics Center: "There are interactive murals, there are playrooms specific for each age group, there's even a medical play area where they can actually process some of the things that have happened to them at the hospital, they can play with the doll and do medical procedures to help them work through that."
The room is well lit and colorful to keep the kids smiling.
Jim Hall, Vice Chair of Carilion Children's Community Advisory Board: "It will give the kids a chance to come to the hospital to help in their healing process and not be worried about bad things happeing at the hospital and look at it more like a fun time."