New role for former Christiansburg Main Street church building

Published: Mar. 16, 2018 at 6:07 PM EDT
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When Main Street Baptist Church moved to a new location the congregation left this one vacant, in a prime spot in downtown Christiansburg. It sat empty for about six years as developers brainstormed ideas. Now it's taking on a new role and filled once again.

"We want this to be a hub of activity in downtown Christiansburg," said Sherri Box, the facility's event coordinator.

The new owners of Great Road on Main, On Main Street, Inc., opened the building for a open house Friday afternoon. They remodeled the space and discovered hidden beauty throughout the building, especially here in this Celtic Hall.

"There was a drop ceiling that had been put in place that really helped it become the fellowship hall that it was for many years. We realized that that architecture ceiling the gorgeous Gothic style ceiling was still there," said Dr. Michael Larkin, the president of Ignite and Great Road On Main.

Now the space doesn't look the same. Multiple rooms are available for events like receptions, weddings, parties, or concerts. A building that dates back to the early 1900's has a new exciting life.

"For this clientele, for the sizes that we're able to cater to, it's something special," Larkin said.

The building's long history as a church continues into this new chapter. Two churches rent space for services on Sundays and Life Pacific College Ignite leases the building for educational purposes.

"I love the fact that they have modernized and updated the what's here but have still maintained the integrity of the original," Box said.