New sculptures on the Danville Art Trail

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Visitors to the Danville River District may notice a few public art changes around town. The Danville Art Trail has eight brand new pieces.

The final piece was placed on the Danville Museum of Art and Natural History lawn Friday.

The Parks and Recreation Department says the trail is a good way to get people out, while also experiencing art without a cost.

“Public art can be experienced by anyone. You don’t have to pay a fee to get that cultural experience. If you can walk up to it, you can experience it. If you can drive past it, you can experience it," Emily Ragsdale with Danville Parks and Recreation said.

The eight new pieces will be on display for 18 months. Two of the original seven pieces do remain on the trail.

Below is a list of the new sculptures:

•“Red Digital Gate” by Jim Gallucci – located at Crossing at the Dan Trailhead – People’s Choice Selection
•“Shooting Stars” by Cathy Perry – located at Danville Public Library – People’s Choice Selection
•“Learn to Fly” by Brian Glaze – located at the Charles Harris Financial Center
•“Zachary’s Angel” by Shawn Morin – located at 500 Main Street (former Downtowner site)
•“Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter” by Rudy Rudisill – located at Danville Science Center
•“Sprite Core” by Adam Walls – located at Union Street Overlook
•“Zig Zag Boogie Woogie” by Bill Wood – located at the North End of the Riverwalk Trail Pedestrian Bridge
•“An Autumn’s Path” by Jordan Parah – located at the Main Street Plaza Trailhead
•“Crimson Ring” by Glenn Zweygardt – located at the Danville Museum of Fine arts and History
•“Sharing a Story” by Marie-Pierre Philippe – located at the JTI Fountain on Main Street

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