New technology to help cut costs at wastewater treatment plant in Martinsville

Published: Jul. 12, 2016 at 6:21 PM EDT
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Leaders in Martinsville are hoping a new treatment for turning waste into fertilizer will help pay for upgrades to the wastewater plant.

Director Andy Lash says the water filtration system needs an upgrade.

With the help of an outside company, Lash says new technology will help pay for the upgrades at no cost the city.

The new technology turns our waste into a fertilizer which helps keep it out of landfills and put good nutrients back into the ground.

"With all this new technology we said lets see what's out there and adjust to it and see if we can save some money or do something else instead of putting the stuff in the landfill. There are a lot of nutrients in solids that need to be used instead of just land-filling, " Director Andy Lash said.

Lash says this fertilizer will be used by sod farmers and can be used in home gardens.

As this continues over the years, he says using this fertilizer will help improve the health of the soil in the area.

Tuesday night, Martinsville City Council discussed the issue and work to move the process forward.

City leaders applied for a loan and if they decide to use it, the plan is for that loan to be paid off with the money they are saving.