New truck model, customer center, and new jobs help Volvo Trucks grow

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DUBLIN, Va. (WDBJ7) More jobs, a new line of trucks, and a bigger center for customers are pushing Volvo Trucks in Dublin forward in the trucking industry and advancing the NRV's economy.

Volvo Trucks picked Dublin to unveil one of its biggest revamps of semi trucks. This is taking place inside the new Customer Experience Center.

"I think the first thing you will see is the stance and impression of this new product. It has a totally new shape," said Goran Nyberg, the president of Volvo Trucks.

In front of Volvo executives and international media, the company showed off its new VNL series. Upgrades include a long list of high-tech additions and systems that now come standard, like a host of safety features.

"This truck has an emergency breaking system, it has a forward looking camera combined with a radar that will detect objects on the road," Nyberg said.

The trucks will be built at the New River Valley Plant.

The truck announcement coincided with the opening of the new multi-million dollar Customer Experience Center. This building serves as a one-stop-shop for customers looking to test drive a truck and learn about its features.

"This is where we expect our customers, our dealers, our visitors to identify with the brand to see this is what Volvo Trucks is in North America, to feel and taste, pretty much, the innovation the Volvo name is about," said Franky Marchand, the Vice President and General Manager of the Dublin plant.

The company also called back about 200 workers just this year to replace retiring employees or work on some of the plant upgrades. That brings total plant employment to about 24 hundred people.