Non-profit builds affordable modular Blacksburg house for first time homeowner

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) -- It's a renters market in Blacksburg which is great for students but difficult for families looking to own a home.

Now with the help of the Blacksburg Affordable Housing Program and CHP Homeownership, a brand new house is something a single mom of two kids can afford.

Friday was a busy day at the construction site as a crane lifted four individuals cartridges from the bed of a truck and put them onto the house's foundation. In less than seven hours, that property went from cement slabs to a two story house.

First time homeowner, Nancy Jones watched as the upstairs of her house was set on top of the ground floor. In just 6 weeks, she and her two kids, Cole and Airlie, will be able to move in.

"This just means the world to me that I'll be able to have a place of our own and that I'll be able to see them grow up here," Jones said. "I never thought I'd be able to afford a home like this in Blacksburg as a single mother with two young children and as a music teacher."

Her thought process is exactly what the the non-profit, Community Housing Partners Homeownership, wants to change.

"We are just creating homeownership opportunities for folks that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford and live here in Blacksburg," Samantha Livesay, CHP Homeownership's community relations coordinator, said.

She added that homeownership doesn't just improve the lives of families, it also revitalize the entire town.

"We're letting first time homeowners and young professionals know that the town of Blacksburg is a place that they can anchor their roots," Livesay said. "They can live where they work. They can invest in the community and just make it a great place."

Every window and every wall of 709 Montgomery Street is part of the life the Jones family wants to live in the place they call home.

"I plan to live in Blacksburg for the foreseeable future, for decades," Jones smiled. "So that is the plan and I'm happy that this allows that dream to come true."

This is the fourth home CHP Homeownership has built, but it's the first time they've built a house from the ground up. There will be an official dedication in a few weeks when this home is completely ready for Jones and her kids to move in.