Northam to move Layne from transportation to finance

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RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Virginia's secretary of transportation will be moving to a new role in Gov.-elect Ralph Northam's administration: secretary of finance.

Northam announced Aubrey Layne's appointment at a news conference Thursday, praising Layne's accomplishments with his current portfolio and his command of trust and respect from both sides of the aisle. Layne is a Republican, and will have served in two successive Democratic administrations with this appointment.

Layne says his main goal as finance secretary will be to protect taxpayers and Virginia's AAA bond rating.

As transportation secretary, the Hampton Roads native reformed the operations of public-private partnerships and dealt with contentious issues, including the Virginia Beach light-rail project.

He donated $2,500 to Northam's campaign after Republican candidate Ed Gillespie came out against a transportation tax.