Woman raising money to bring survivors back to Virginia Tech for 10th anniversary

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) This April will mark the 10th anniversary of the mass shooting at Virginia Tech.

The school is already planning to welcome back alumni and victims' families.

A Northern Virginia woman who was inside one of the attacked classrooms says she is raising money to pay for more people in the room to return as well.

“He came to our door and tried to enter a couple times,” Lisa Hamp said. “He ended up killing himself in the classroom next to us."

Hamp says after the attack at Virginia Tech, she had to be strong and not worry about herself because she survived and wasn't hurt.

"For a while after the shooting, for eight years exactly, I held a lot in. I didn't really talk to people about it, they didn't understand what I went through and it got frustrating,” Hamp said.

So she reached out to the ten other people who were inside Norris 205 to see if they'd like to come back. Seven said yes.
"Connecting with other survivors is my way of healing so that's why I'm interested in returning,” Hamp said.

Virginia Tech is paying for travel and hotels for families of those who died in the shooting and those who were hurt.
The school says so many people were affected, they can't afford to pay for everyone. So Hamp is raising money to pay for the survivors who hid in classrooms during the shootings. She's trying to raise $11,000.

Hamp says any extra money she raises will be used to buy meals and bring in counselors for the anniversary.

Virginia Tech says they will be announcing the plans for the anniversary next week.

They want to let the victims' families know first before they announce it publicly.