UPDATE: Shelter in place at Northside High School and Northside Middle School lifted

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The School Board sent a note to parents, teachers and employees Friday evening regarding how the school administration is handling the students' safety after the rumored threat at Northside High School.

In the note, they explained what steps they decided to take right after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida. In part, the board agreed to form a School Safety and Security Commission made up of members including police, fire and rescue, parents, principals and mental health experts.

The School Board says once they have formed the Commission and establish its goals and objectives, they will be holding community meetings to get additional input.


Roanoke County officials said the shelter in place at Northside High and Northside Middle Schools has been lifted.

According to officials, a report of a possible weapon at the high school was unsubstantiated.

The schools are now operating normally, and all after-school activities are going on as planned.


Northside High school and middle school is operating on a shelter in place.

School administrators sent this message to parents: "Northside High School and Northside Middle School currently are sheltering in place to investigate a rumor of a possible weapon at the high school. This action is being done as a precaution. This is only a rumor and is unconfirmed. Parents, please do not come to the Northside campus. You will not be permitted into the building."