One Hometown resident speeds away with a new car after race at Martinsville

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- Typically when fans pack into the Martinsville Speedway, they come to see the fast cars. But one fan got to take a fast car home.

"Man this is great I kind of mind something in my younger years, I wish I could've been to a few more of these races.", says Ronald Jackson, the lucky recipient of a Chevrolet Corvette courtesy of Virginia Lottery's Ultimate Corvette Experience.

This is Ronald Jackson and his newphew Jordan Bell's first race.

"Oh fantastic, great, overwhelming, I want to cry, I want to get in it and drive to California.", says Jackson.

"So when he won I almost fainted like he did. I'm glad he won, if somebody deserves it, he does.", says Jackson's nephew Jordan Bell.

Jackson bought a five dollar scratch-off awhile back and was one of three finalist to participate in the aforementioned Virginia Lottery's Ultimate Corvette Experience.

It was Jackson's key that was finally chosen.

"I've never driven a corvette, I've never driven a sports car, so hopefully I get a run around the block.", says Bell.

Besides having a new set of wheels, Jackson is grateful for all the new memories.

"I did get one signature from Dale Jr. which is great!.", Jackson added.