One year later, still no sign of missing Roanoke baby Arieanna Day

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Exactly one year after she was reported missing, there is still no new information about what happened to Arieanna Day.

The three month old's mother reported her missing September 11, 2018. The man police say is her father will face a jury later this month in connection with her disappearance.

It's hard to know exactly what the Roanoke Police Department has been doing as part of this investigation. They declined an interview for our story but say investigators remain dedicated to bringing her home.
Meanwhile, the public seems to have no better idea of what happened to her. But we'll walk you through what we do know.

On September 11, 2018, Roanoke City police say they're searching for a missing three month old baby. Arieanna Day's mother tells police she put her to bed at her home on the corner of Hanover Avenue and 11th St in Roanoke City. An hour later, Jessica Day says she goes to check on the baby and said she was gone.

Doloris Fleming lives down the street and remembers the police search that followed.

"They came over here all looking through the fields and all that and couldn't find her," she said Wednesday.

But not long after, the man police say is the baby's father, Andrew Terry, was arrested in Montgomery County. He's charged with concealing a dead body.

Montgomery County deputies said the charge is connected with Arieanna's disappearance and search crews comb areas near the North Fork Baptist Church.

In October, Terry appears in court where investigators play the interrogation video in which Terry told police he went to Jessica Day's house on the night of Arieanna's disappearance, where she gave Terry the baby. Police said Terry told them the baby had cuts and swelling on her face and he started to drive her back to his home in Blacksburg. During the ride, Terry said the baby stopped breathing and he went to the area of Cedar Run Road in Montgomery County, dug a shallow grave and buried her.

In October, Virginia State Police add Arieanna's name to its Missing Children database where it remains today, listed as endangered.

In November 2018, Roanoke police and Montgomery County deputies hold a joint press conference to bring attention to the case.

"Three-month-old Arieanna cannot speak for herself," Chief Tim Jones of RPD said. "Someone needs to speak for her."

Police confirmed that Terry is a suspect and Jessica Day is a person of interest. Deputies say they're using new DNA forensics to examine evidence collected during their search. But investigators with Montgomery County later reporter to WDBJ7 that the analysis did not lead them any closer to Arieanna's body.

In January of 2019, Andrew Terry was indicted by a Grand Jury in Montgomery County for his charges. He was scheduled to appear in court in March. That appearance was rescheduled for May 29 where he was to face a bench trial. He instead opted for a jury trial which he will face on September 25.

On this anniversary of her disappearance, no details form police, just a promise in the form of a statement which reads:

"September 11th is a day of remembrance across the nation, but for our community, this September 11th also marks one year since Arieanna Day disappeared. Arieanna was last seen in her home in Roanoke by her mother. She is missed by her siblings and the rest of her family, who have remained hopeful for Arieanna's safe return.

Investigators remain dedicated to bringing Arieanna home. We continue to follow up on every lead and have regular communication with members of the Day family, who have been cooperative. We will continue to investigate and to allocate resources until Arieanna is found.

As we continue our efforts to bring Arieanna home, we again ask members of our community for any information that may assist us in our search for Arieanna. We are now asking members of the community who know Andrew Terry or Jessica Day to contact us at (540) 853-2212."

WDBJ7 went to the home where Arieanna's family lived at Hanover Avenue and 11th Street. A neighbor said the family had long since moved out.

Meanwhile, neighbors are wondering what could have happened to the missing baby.

"It's sad you know, you not looking hard enough or something, you know," said the neighbor Doloris Fleming. "That's the way I feel about it."