Package stolen off front porch in Danville, thief caught by security camera

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) 'Tis the season for online shopping, and thieves keeping an eye out for packages left on your porch.

Danville Police recently caught one thief, thanks to this security footage from a man whose package was stolen.

Danville Police say it was good the victim in this case had security footage of the thief walking up to the porch and taking the packages, but not everyone gets that lucky.

In the security footage supplied to us by the victim, you see a man walking up to the front porch, taking the packages, and walking away. This happened on the 1000 block of Main Street in Danville, a well-traveled area of the city.

Police say no one is immune.

"You run the risk when you have them delivered to your house that this kind of thing, unfortunately, will happen," says Lt. Michael Wallace with the Danville Police Department.

Jerry Lewis Hood Jr. was arrested and charged for the larceny. He was identified by many people in the community because of the surveillance video being posted on social media.

"That really worked. There were a lot of shares. I'm not really sure how many it was, but we received a lot of tips," says Wallace.

Danville Police say you should think twice about having a package delivered to your front steps without you being there.

"Anytime you have packages delivered to your house it's good to have someone, if you have a neighbor that can get those packages for you," says Wallace.

Police say you should let your delivery person know the safest place to put the package so you can avoid items being stolen.

Because of the quick turnaround some of the packages were recovered by police.