Painters work in plein air in Lexington all week

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LEXINGTON, Va. (WDBJ) -- If you’re in Lexington this week, you might notice a new feature around the area: artists. The Paint Out Lexington event is going on in town and in the area around Lexington.

Sponsored by the Nelson Gallery, Paint Out has some 30 artists doing what is called “plein (pronounced like "plane") air” painting, where the try to capture the landscape live and in the moment.

“It’s immediate," says artist David Eakin. "You have an open window, the shadows move. You have to be quick. But mostly it’s just the moment, you know, where the light is. And here you’re painting around cars, so it’s a bit of a challenge.”

There is a show opening Friday evening, when the Nelson Gallery puts all the week’s work on display.