Parents of terminally ill baby have one last wish

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LONDON (AP) -- Charlie Gard's parents know their son is about to die.

They have one final wish — to take him home, put him to bed and kiss him goodbye.

The mother of the critically ill baby at the center of an international medical and legal battle returned to London's High Court on Tuesday, asking a judge to let the family take Charlie home for "a few days of tranquility" before his ventilator is disconnected and he is allowed to "slip away."

After months of court hearings over the 11-month-old baby's fate that drew attention from Pope Francis, U.S. President Donald Trump and people around the world, discussion came down to the mundane, heart-wrenching details of ending a life: How could Charlie be transported from a hospital to his parents' west London home?

Could ventilation be maintained on the way?

Would his ventilator fit through the front door of the house?

"The parents' last wish is to take Charlie home for a few days of tranquility outside the hospital," family lawyer Grant Armstrong said in a written statement.

He accused London's Great Ormond Street Hospital, where Charlie is being treated, of putting obstacles in the way.

The hospital's lawyer, Katie Gollop, said Great Ormond Street wanted "above all" to fulfill the parents' last wish, but also had to take the baby's best interests into account.

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