Paving program continues in Roanoke City

ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Pavement projects in Roanoke city are in full swing. Hershberger traffic was unable to turn onto Cove road for part of the day because of repaving.

Part of Cove Road was down to one lane as asphalt was laid. Managers say they are about 75 percent complete with the paving program for this year.

"We try to plan out two or three years in advance," said Mark Jamison, Roanoke Transportation. "We spend a fair amount of time coordinating with the utility companies. We check if there are capital projects with the water or gas company or AEP. They go in and do their underground before we go in and pave. No one wants to have to go in and tear up a street we just finished repaving."

The next set of roads updated will be in the Roundhill neighborhood and Jefferson Street in downtown Roanoke.