Pearisburg prepares to revamp old sports fields with help from Virginia Tech

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PEARISBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) In Giles County, people interested in sprucing up sports fields in Pearisburg checked out possible options Thursday night.

The town's ball fields are out of date, a project coordinator says. The space to hold games is limited as more people become interested in sports and more teams are available.

Virginia Tech's Community Design Assistance Center came up with redesign plans for the King Johnson Fields to allow for better use of the space.

"There just has not been a lot of money put into the park and over the years, like I said, there's lots of empty space that could be utilized to make more for the youth," said Natalie Thwaites, the volunteer project coordinator.

Concept designs show what could be coming to the fields like two baseball fields, new bleachers and fencing, and improvements to the town pool. Grants and community donations will help pay for the project.