Penn Forest Worship Center hosts church security seminar

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Penn Forest Worship Center leaders invited church members from seven other churches to a security training Thursday evening to arm them with the knowledge that could protect them in case the worst happens.

Brady Stephens traveled from West Virginia to teach the seminar.
"There are things you can do to make yourself a harder target," he said.

Stephens is the president of Centurion Bible College in West Virginia and offers security training session for churches.

The first half of the class was a lesson in case-studies of other church shootings to give them things to watch out for.

"Some of the same things that prompted shootings in other churches could prompt one here," said Stephens.

The second half was about what happens if you have an active shooter in your church.

Lead Pastor Myron Atkinson says they are always looking for ways to keep their members safe.

"As we hear about all of the different shootings that take place all over the united states and around the world they will know we are doing what we can to protect," said Atkinson.

"I'm hoping people will walk away with a desire to want to step up in their churches and protect the people that are there."

About 30 people attended the class.