People find ways to stay cool in this extreme heat

SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA (WDBJ) - A heatwave is affecting many people across our area, but we saw some folks getting creative in finding ways to stay cool.

Saturday saw temperatures in the upper 90s, but that didn't stop folks from getting outside and enjoying Pirate Days at Smith Mountain Lake. It's a weekend dedicated to all things pirate, and the pirate costumes didn't make it any cooler for this bunch.

"I've dressed it down today, some of our other fellows, they kind of dress it up, but it's so hot, I'm trying to say somewhat cool," Todd Willis, who is working as a fake pirate on Smith Mountain Lake Pirate Days, said.

He is a member of the reenactment company Loose Cannon, based out of Virginia Beach. He's used to being outdoors in hot weather, but one motto gets him through it: "Hydrate or die, that's our battle cry!" he said.

And the lake is another way Willis and these pirates are staying cool.

"Good thing we got the lake here, we're going to take a dip here in a minute, kind of cool off," Willis said.

Pirate Days is a lake-wide event. This is the first year where part of it is taking place at the Crazy Horse Marina.

"The heat is going to have an affect on everybody, so we're asking that everybody stay hydrated, it's going to feel like it's over 100 today, we've got vendors that are actually handing out water rather than actually selling it. We've got food vendors out here, we've got a fresh stock of ice at the marina," Chris Bechtler, Manager of Crazy Horse Marina, said.

From the lake to the markets in downtown Roanoke, many folks didn't stay shy of the outdoors even with the heatwave around our area, like Vicky Hicks from She's International Boutique.

"I've done pretty good. It's good as long as the sun is not out and the breeze is blowing through, it's been alright, and I've got a partner in crime in the store, and plus the owner there, switching and swapping and bringing me water, so I'm okay," Hicks, who does sales for the boutique, said.

Even with being out in the heat all day, Hicks is staying positive.

"There's nothing we can do about it, you either got to deal with it or don't, you just need to stay hydrated because it's really, really hot," she said.

Thankfully, Sunday isn't supposed to be as hot.