People who helped stranded school buses during winter storm honored in Radford

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RADFORD, Va. (WDBJ7) Acts of heroism during December 12th's snowstorm were honored Tuesday night as Radford City Schools thanked people who helped buses of kids which were stuck on the road.

When the snow and ice came in fast as the buses were trying to get kids home, it created a real nightmare for families and the school.

Superintendent Rob Graham recalled, "I was very concerned and frightened for them, and there wasn't a lot that I could do."

Take, for example, the bus that was stuck in Dean's Auto Body parking lot on East Main Street.

Graham he could see in the bus camera video that the kids were getting agitated waiting to go home. That's when the Domino's next store came to the rescue with pizza, wings, and drinks.

The bus driver can be heard saying, "I tell you what now, these poor kids are starving to death."

Then numerous kids yelled out, "We love you!"

Graham said about the free food, "It's just a wonderful generosity, a wonderful spirit, especially during this season. It's the season of giving and they just gave, they were there for us."

Recognized Tuesday night was Kailie Martin, the manager of Domino's.

She was joined by Radford Police and a salt truck driver who created a safe caravan of vehicles to get the kids home by nine or ten that night.

Police Chief Don Goodman said, "I think there was certainly a lot of flashing blue lights, some amber lights flashing, and that big bus going so people could see it and get out of the way. I think it certainly smoothed the delivery of those children."

Salt Truck Driver Calvin Riggs added, "My niece and my nephew was on the bus also, so I had a greater sense of protection. It was the right idea for the situation."

Also honored Tuesday night were school staff members who took kids in their cars to get them home safe.

The school said because of the partnerships shown, every child got home safe last week.

Graham said, " The City of Radford is just a very tight-knit community and cares a great deal for the school system and I believe that our community, and I mean our city, our city offices, they all are part of our success and why Radford City School system is so special."

And while getting back at nine or ten seems late for a school night, school was cancelled the next day so kids didn't need to worry.

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