Pet Tree program continues at Martinsville/Henry County SPCA

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MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) A unique take on Christmas decorations can be found around Martinsville thanks to the SPCA.

They put up what they call, Pet Trees, at several locations around town.

Anyone can donate to the SPCA and get a stocking put on the tree in honor of a pet, both living or late. The pet can even be recognized with a photo.

The SPCA started the program in 1975.

The Executive Director says people always call asking how they can honor their pet on one of the six trees.

"It has a really rich history and it means Christmas to our SPCA," says Nicole Harris.

The ornaments don't only honor pets, but they also raise money for the care of other animals.

You purchase a stocking to honor your pet, past or present, by visiting the SPCA.