Philanthropist offers $450,000 to re-establish Montvale camp for the disabled

WDBJ7 Archive: 2014
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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) -- The man who helped start a camp for people with special needs in Bedford County nearly 50 years ago says he wants to buy the facility back from its current owner.

William Robertson led the fundraising effort to establish Camp Virginia Jaycee in Montvale back in 1969.

The camp has served thousands of people with disabilities. Recently the current owner, HopeTree Family Services, decided to sell the facility.

Robertson is offering to buy back the property for $450,000.

"If the facility is returned everyone is a winner, especially those with special needs," Robertson said Thursday during a news conference. "We will have kept alive the joy, love, and hope this unique 90-acre facility, Camp Virginia Jaycee, has put forth to help change the world."

In a statement, HopeTree said it had already found a buyer who is willing to pay the minimum $600,000 asking price sought by the organization's board of trustees.

Robertson said his offer would remain on the table through midnight tomorrow.