Photographer captures vows amid destruction in Mexico Beach, Florida

MEXICO BEACH, Fl. (WDBJ7) - Hurricane Michael has put life on hold in the Florida Panhandle, but it was not able to put love on hold. A police officer and a fire fighter said "I do" amid the rubble and now their union is going viral.

Panama City Photographer Sara Patterson has been photographing beach weddings for three years.

"The conditions are always different, you never know what lighting you're gonna get," said the photographer who goes by Sara Lynsey for business. "You never know what the sunset is going to do."

But the sunset setting over Patterson's most recent wedding might be the most special one yet.

"I had no idea it was gonna go viral and be this big," she said. "I was not prepared for that at all."

Patterson capture the wedding of Cori and Bryon Hughes, a police officer and Mexico Beach firefighter, respectively. Both of whom have been working around the clock since before the storm.

Lynsey said the couple had considered canceling their wedding. But then - a change of heart. They were determined not to let the destruction of their town cancel their opportunity to tie the knot.

"So it was a lot of, wow, there is devastation but there is lot of beauty and a lot of kindness," Patterson explained. "I didn't cry, but I wanted to a couple times."

Patterson is overwhelmed by the thousands of likes and shares on her photos.

But she knows this is a love story greater than the bride and groom.

"That's just what we need down here. I mean to show that kindness, I mean the light and the love have clearly overcome the destruction."

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