Pipeline construction continues near parkway crossing in Roanoke County

Published: Jun. 14, 2018 at 8:40 PM EDT
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If you know Route 221 between Bent Mountain and Floyd, you're familiar with the property, a yellow house and a red barn set back from the highway on land adjoining the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We've been there before. When the parkway celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1985, Ruth and Vester Grant told WDBJ7 they wanted to protect their farm.

We were also there last summer when pipeline protests were just getting started and opponents attempted to block pipeline surveyors taking the measure of the rolling terrain.

While most of the surveying is complete the tree cutting now suspended, crews have cleared the right of way to the top of the hill.

Men and their machines are hard at work at the point where the pipeline will cross Route 221.

A spokesperson for the Mountain Valley Pipeline told WDBJ7 the crews are preparing to bore under the highway. And the company says it still plans to complete construction and put the pipeline in service before the end of the year.