Pipeline construction increases truck traffic and concern on rural roads

Published: Jun. 11, 2018 at 7:32 PM EDT
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One after another, large trucks carrying sections of pipe roll down Mount Tabor Road, on their way to the area where crews are building the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Last month, Air 7 captured a similar scene nearby on Catawba Road.

People who live in this part of Montgomery County say the traffic has multiplied in the last six weeks, challenging drivers like Matthew Pickett who say they've narrowly avoided accidents.

"I felt that the situation was very very dangerous given how far into the other lane he was," Pickett told WDBJ7, "and how little of a heads up that I had before seeing him around a curve."

Robin Scully echoed the concern.

"Everybody I've talked to, and I have neighbors that are 10 miles each way," Scully said, "they have had issues being run off the road with a truck."

The Montgomery County Sheriffs Office has received complaints, and deputies have responded, conducting speed surveys in the area,for example.

So far, no accidents have been reported, but residents of the area along Mount Tabor Road say they need immediate help from VDOT, the state police and the sheriffs office, before someone is seriously injured in an accident.

We attempted to reach a spokesperson for the Mountain Valley Pipeline Monday afternoon, and will update the story when we hear from the company.