Pipeline opponents turn to "keystone killer' for advice

Opponents of two natural gas pipelines in Virginia are getting advice from someone who fought a major project in another part of the country, and won.

Jane Kleeb is the director of the group Bold Nebraska. Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed her "the keystone killer," for her work opposing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

During meetings on Friday she encouraged opponents of the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipeline projects to form "unlikely alliances."

"For us in Nebraska, that was farmers, ranchers, tribal nations, alongside young people, environmentalists and faith leaders," Kleeb told WDBJ7. "And that is kind of true among all of these pipeline fights. When you bring unlikely alliances together, and when you do constant actions in the community building trust, that's when pipeline companies can't conquer and divide which is one of the tactics they try to do."

Kleeb met with pipeline opponents in Boones Mill, Roanoke and the New River Valley. She also encouraged them to never give up.