Pittsylvania County celebrates 250 years

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CHATHAM, Va. (WDBJ7) It's time for one hometown to get out the party hats and celebrate a big milestone. Pittsylvania County 250th anniversary is June 1.

Chatham will hold a big event on Saturday June 17. Delegate Les Adams will give a presentation of the 250th Resolution on the steps of the county courthouse. A commemorative town banner will be unveiled. The Reid Street gallery will have a special exhibit. It is called "Images of Pittsylvania County", displaying local artwork. Activities for the entire family will be in Silas Moore Park, and the day will end with a music festival.

"Chatham is just the small town that everyone wants to live in. And we've got a great history, a great heritage, and we're also excited about things that are coming in the future," said Alisa Davis of the Reid Street Gallery.

The 1813 Clerk's Office will also open to the public. The clerk's office was built to house the county records. In 1986 the Pittsylvania County Historical Society restored it and made it into a museum.

"Well, if your'e going to live in a place you really ought to know where it came from, why it exists and be proud of it. What we need to know is where we have been. If we know where we have been, then we will have some idea of where we're going in the future," said Langhorne Jones, Jr. of the Pittsylvania county Historical Society.