Police: Man confessed to Florida murder following arrest in Carroll County

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HILLSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) UPDATE: 7-11-18 11:15 p.m.

Hillsville's Chief of Police credits his officer's quick thinking for arresting a man who may have killed a woman in Florida.

Police say the man they arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence also admitted to killing his neighbor in Florida.

Orange City Police and Volusia County deputies in Florida did find a woman's body where Barber had told them to look.

Hillsville Chief Wesley Yonce told WDBJ7 he's glad his officer was able to prevent the man from walking free.

"He did a very good job, he was on his toes for the traffic stop," Chief Yonce said. "And finding the weapon on his initial approach to the vehicle."

The chief said a knife the suspect pulled on his officer during the traffic stop may be the same knife used to kill the Florida woman.

The suspect, Matthew Barber, will remain behind bars in the New River Valley Regional jail, where he faces multiple felonies. Officers also found marijuana in Barber's car.

Investigators from Florida will arrive in Virginia Thursday morning to process the evidence and interview Barber themselves.

Police in Florida say a man arrested following a pursuit in Carroll County Sunday confessed to killing a woman near Orlando.

Matthew Barber is suspected of carrying out a murder in Volusia County Florida, according to a report filed by the Orange City (Florida) Police Department.

Barber was arrested Saturday after Hillsville police say they caught him speeding on Interstate 77 near exit 14. When Barber was pulled over by police, they say he told them he was on his way to a funeral and later sped off.

Police say they pursued and eventually caught up with Barber, where he was subdued with a taser. According to the Florida police report, Barber told Hillsville officers he was "wanted for murder in Florida."

Two days later at the New River Valley Regional Jail, police say Barber told a nurse that "he murdered someone and they didn't deserve it."

Police in Florida say they went to an address provided by Barber, where they found a woman lying dead in the hallway of an apartment. Police say the car Barber was driving in Virginia had Florida plates and was owned by the woman Barber confessed to killing.

Barber is being held in the New River Valley Regional Jail without bond on charges of driving under the influence and weapons violations.

Police in Florida say they have questioned Barber over the phone and he was "talkative." Detectives from Florida are traveling to Virginia today for an in-person interview, according to the Florida police report.