Police: Several license plates stolen in Lynchburg

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LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ7) The Lynchburg Police Department is investigating after multiple license plates were stolen between October 1 and December 4.

Several of the reported larcenies happened at night.

The Lynchburg Police Department has taken 16 reports. Officials say they did not all happen in the same area of Lynchburg.

Officers have recovered 3 of the stolen license plates. One of them was recovered on a stolen vehicle in Campbell County.

The following stolen Virginia license plates have not been recovered:

-VLV-5428 (one plate)
-VUS-4971 (one plate)
-KHR-1129 (one plate)
-933377 (one motorcycle plate)
-CT678988 (one trailer plate)
-JAMEAH (one plate)
-620337TL (one trailer plate)
-KFB-5391 (one plate)
-NDSOLR1 (one trailer plate)
-XFC-1048 (both plates)
-VME-5384 (one plate)
-VSS-8908 (both plates)
-VVD-5188 (one plate)

You are asked to call the Lynchburg Police Department if you see suspicious activity or 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call Detective S. Duncan at (434)455-6178 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-798-5900.