Roanoke County Police: Student not criminally charged for bringing knife to school

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) - Law enforcement will not charge a student who was found with a knife in their backpack at a Roanoke County public library.

According to Cave Spring Middle School Principal Fiona Hill, a student was found with a knife in his or her backpack at the South County Public Library on Tuesday.

Hill says an investigation revealed that the student had taken the knife to the public library after having it stowed away in a backpack throughout the school day.

Roanoke County Police was made aware of the situation and according to a spokesman, based on the information they received, no crime was committed. No charges will be filed.

According to Roanoke County School Spokesman Chuck Lionberger, the school district can't comment on disciplinary matters involving students.

Lionberger said they will not be releasing any more information about the incident.