Police bring awareness to all forms of cancer

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PULASKI, Va. (WDBJ7)— A new police car is now cruising around the streets of Downtown Pulaski to bring awareness to a deadly disease.

Last week, the department debuted a cancer awareness vehicle to draw attention to the fact that cancer is a community-wide issue.

They have ribbons representing the 20 most common forms of the disease on the trunk of the car. Lavender lettering is around the rest of the vehicle. That also represents the wide spectrum of cancers that typically may not be represented.

“Cancer should be a community awareness situation not just through the medical field, but everyone. It takes a community to support a disease like that so we wanted to be inclusive,” said Lt. Jill Neice over patrol at the department. “We have a cancer facility in town and we have had people from our own department whose families have been touched by cancer, so we wanted to include everyone in it. We didn’t want to single any one specific cancer out.”

Tuck’s Collision approached the department about doing a specialized color scheme raising awareness for cancer and did it for free on the department’s new car.

For now this is the only car that will get the distinction, but the department is open to other ideas for car themes.