UPDATE: Police say no concern for Radford students after investigation into social media posts

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Radford Police say no one should be concerned right now after an investigation into social media posts where several people say they were followed home by strangers.

City Police looked into the posts, and found one of the incidents occurred out of the Radford jurisdiction.

"They actually responded to a call on March 7th, where a female was actually locked outside of her residence. And they got in contact with the realty company, and were able to let that female back into her residence. That was one of the social media calls, posts,” said Jenni Wilder, PIO.

City and university police are now trying to make sure students know what to do if something similar happens to them. If you see something, say something.

"What I would recommend is to first call us. To refrain from posting on Facebook and starting any type of frenzy just for the simple fact that it doesn't help us as much as a phone call or if they want to remain anonymous, they can call our crime stoppers tip line,” said Radford Police Officer, John Fuhrman.

“It basically said to watch out and alert the authorities if you see any suspicious behavior and stuff like that,” said Radford junior, Chris Llorens about an email students received Tuesday morning.

The email was a response to several social media posts from students who claimed they were followed by strangers.

Radford University is reminding students to stay alert.

“If you see somebody following you, you can change directions, again go to an occupied, well-lit area, and seek help,” said Lt. Scott Shaffer, with the Radford University Police Department.

Some students are already heeding that advice.

“Find groups of people, find other people who are alone and then walk together so that we’re both safe,” said senior Lucie Bouchet.

Campus police also say, this type of suspicious activity is not something they see a lot of, but calling police should be the first thing you do if you feel unsafe. But there’s an app if calling isn’t an option. The Live Safe app is available for students on and off campus to report anything, anytime.

“I think generationally it’s probably today’s student is much more comfortable with the electronic devices and texting and using that type of technology rather than actually picking up a telephone and dialing a phone number,” Lt. Shaffer said.

Students we spoke with said they do feel safe on campus.

Radford Crime Stoppers Tip Line: 540-731-5040 or email crimestoppers@radfordva.gov . And Radford Police is partnered with Help Save the Next Girl. Visit their website for more information.

Radford police officers are investigating claims concerning suspicious behavior involving strangers contacting female Radford University students.

Multiple people have posted on social media about strangers following students from I-81 to their apartments and homes. The students will then be asked to help find someone.

Radford police learned of these claims through social media. University police had not been contacted about these alleged incidents.

The police departments are coordinating to reach out to students who say they have been approached.

Radford police are reminding people to be aware of their surroundings, look out for one another and to report suspicious behavior to the police as soon as possible.