Danville police investigate four robberies in six hours

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DANVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7) Danville police are investigating a string of four robberies that happened just hours apart.

In two of them a suspect used a knife, and in a another, two suspects used baseball bats.

Police still aren't sure if these robberies are related, but there are many similarities between each case.

"There were some elements of the crime that made us believe they could be related, we can't say for sure that they are. They were so close together. Naturally, we would look to see if they possibly are related," says Lt. Michael Wallace of the Danville Police Department.

The first happened at the Riverside Shopping Center, the next at the Piedmont Credit Union, the final two were pizza delivery drivers on two different streets, just 15 minutes apart.

The police department says this isn't the first time a food delivery driver has been robbed.

"The suspects will actually call them on a cell phone, or a home phone, and have pizza delivered actually to the robbers, that's happened in the past. This type of crime is not something that's brand new to this area," says Wallace.

The suspects in each of the robberies are described as black males, and all either early twenties or late teens.

We reached out to both pizza places as well as the Piedmont Credit Union for comment, but they were instructed not to speak with the press because of the investigation.

Police ask that anyone with information about these cases contact them immediately.

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