Albemarle Co. police officer writes book about overcoming alcoholism

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ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A master police officer from the Albemarle County Police Department is talking about his struggles with alcoholism, depression and loss in his new book titled "Break Every Chain."

Jonathan Hickory wrote about how his life progressed toward his alcohol dependence, which includes some of the tough scenes he encountered while he was on duty.

Hickory said it was those tough scenes that started to affect his personal life.

"I started to see a lot of the things that first responders see," said Hickory. "We see a lot of death, we see a lot of violent scenes, a lot of dysfunction, a lot of brokenness."

The brokenness would soon turn Hickory down a dark path toward alcohol.

"I turned to alcohol," he said. "I abused alcohol for over 10 years."

As Hickory turned to alcohol, his family and marriage began to suffer.

"My family suffered. My personal life suffered," said Hickory. "Over time, I became a very bitter, cynical angry person."

When he noticed how much the alcohol was affecting his life, Hickory said he leaned on his faith to find his new light of hope toward recovery.

"As far as the alcoholism, God took that from me overnight. I walked away without any rehab or anything," Hickory said.

By leaning on his faith and marriage counseling, Hickory was able to overcome his battles and hopes people can do the same.

"I want to encourage people that are hurting that everyone is broken in some way and everyone is hurting in some way," he said. "You're not alone."

"Break Every Chain" is available online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iBooks. It's also available on e-readers including Kindle and Nook.

Find "Break Every Chain" here.