Pool safety and maintenance

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ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ7) Memorial Day is the unofficial weekend to kick off the summer with pool parties & outdoor cookouts. Mea Vaughan with National Pools gave WDBJ7 some tips for a safe, fun and enjoyable swim season.

Tip # 1 – Safety 1st. May is National Water Safety Month. People are encouraged to pick up a copy or print your own copy of water safety tips. Have a family meeting and go over with your kids the rules for safe swimming, whether your spending the Memorial Day weekend poolside or at the lake make sure safety is top priority.

Tip # 2 – Water Quality. There is a perception within in the pool industry that if water is clear its clean. That may not be the case at all. Remember to replace all test kits annually and store them in a climate controlled environment for testing on a daily basis. Consult a local pool professional and take water samples into the lab periodically to make sure the water is a safe environment for all swimmers.

Tip # 3 – Chemical Handling & Storage. Never mix chemicals and always follow the instructions on the back of the container. Many chemicals for the swimming pools are not compatible with each other and if you accidentally pour over or mix chemicals like an oxidizer and a corrosive together it can gas off or create an explosion. Know the chemicals you are handling and talk with your local pool professional on the proper handling and storage of items.

Tip # 4 – Items you should keep handy during the season.

Turbo Shock (bags) to shock pool after pool parties or if chlorine residuals fall below acceptable range. Water Clarifier to aid in crystal clear water. Test Strips or Reagent Test Kit. PH up or Down – PH is the leading factor in red eyes in swimming pools. The PH of a healthy tear is 7.5 by maintaining the proper PH levels between 7.2-7.8 eye irritation with be eliminated.

Lastly, the Installation of the ScreenLogic Automation Kit to control and monitor your pool from across the deck to across the country right on the Screenlogic App. This new application allows pool owners to manage water temperature, lighting, fountains, waterfalls, check PH and Chlorine levels all at the tip of your fingers.