Possible changes coming for Smith Mountain Lake Airport, residents have concerns

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 4:14 PM EDT
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The owner of Smith Mountain Lake airport is planning to expand.

But, neighbors in that area are worried about what it could mean for the private road they pay to maintain.

The owner of the Smith Mountain Lake Airport just recently submitted plans to add several additional hangers to the airport as well as a possible terminal. Residents that live near the airport said their only concern with those plans revolve around this one road.

"I just spent 2500 dollars on the road right where they're going to do it at."

Cutlass road, the road used to access the airport is a private road maintained by the residents that live there. Residents like Larry Agee say the road can't take much more traffic, especially if the funds are coming out of their pockets.

"We don't have no POA's so it's only owners and if we want to get anything done, we have to do it ourselves.", said Larry Agee.

Agee says they don't mind the aiport expansion- they just feel there are other ways to go about it so everyone can have the best of both worlds.

"Last time they did a hanger on this side of the road it washed our whole road out and that means we paid out of our own pockets to get the road back together, we can't take anything else on this side of the road," said Agee.

The owner of the airport Mohammed Bazazan told us in a statement that the reason behind expansion is for the growing need of hangar space from property owners who fly in from Northern Virginia.

Jordan Mitchell Interim Director of Community Development in Bedford County says a lot of options are up in the air right now.

"I can certainly see that as maybe something that comes out of this is that you know if the county really wants to help SML airport expand and that could be something reasonable that comes out of it.", said Mitchell.

Mitchell said he wants the community to understand that no decisions have been made yet and the perfect time to voice their concerns is at a public hearing on June 16th.

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