Preschools and daycares may be closed, but their kids still need important development

MARTINSVILLE, Va. (WDBJ7)-- As parents pick their kids up from daycare or preschool, some might not realize just how much their children are learning.

KayMarie Davis playing a number matching game.

Sheila Williams is the Director of Early Childhood Education for Martinsville City Schools. She says setting an early foundation is important to a child's success in school.

"We continue to engage our students because they have that drive to learn at this point and that exposure and how they can just soak it up." said Wiiliams.

As many preschools and daycares are closing, some parents are finding that teaching isn't easy.

One of the challenges that parents face when it comes to educating the little ones at homes is keeping them focused. Using games and activities is a great way to keep them focused and engaged while learning.

Websites and apps like Pinterest are a great way to find new learning material.

"Make it fun, make it engaging for them, let the students have some buy in and what they are doing in activities and reward them." said Williams.

Taking advantage of the free offers from popular websites like ABCmouse and PBS for Kids is another tool parents can use.

That gives them a huge variety of activities and games that the students can engage in a well." said Williams.

Remember, be patient and be creative to make this learning experience fun.

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